Posted on Jul 9, 2021

Ira's Notary Services

07/08/2021 Remote online Notary is here to stay. Stay at home and watch as your document is signed without ever leaving the house.

A notary public is an individual who is bonded, licensed or appointed by a state, who serves as an impartial witness to the signing of key documents. Notaries confirm identity, inspect documents and ensure the signers understand the contents of the documents they are signing. The notary is responsible for ensuring the identity of the people signing important documents, being vigilant that state rules are being followed, and using sound judgment if it appears a person is misrepresenting themselves or otherwise working to undermine the notarization process.

Mortgage closing documents
Property deeds
Loan documents
Some types of credit or loan documents
Advanced directives
Custody and guardianship agreements
Power of attorney
Court documents
Articles of incorporation
Memorandum of understanding documents
Vendor contracts
Commercial leases
Employment contracts
Construction and loan agreements

With remote online notarization (RON), the legal requirement that the signer personally and physically appear before the notary is met by the use of audio-visual electronic communication technology.
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